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Transforming the supply chain

We regard the supply chain as the backend operating system of the global economy and fundamental to industrial transformation. By investing in logistics and mobility technologies, we aim to reshape old industry by addressing historical inefficiencies and unlocking the massive potential for engineers and entrepreneurs to deliver the innovation needed to ensure future sustainability.




We target B2B companies involved in the movement of goods and solving problems deeply ingrained in industries that are often resistant to change. This can include smart enterprise applications such as fulfillment optimisation and predictive freight, as well deep tech innovation in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, and IoT supply chain visibility.




Our team is well connected and experienced. Made up of supply chain, technology and financial investors, focused solely on our domain.




As a specialist fund, we leverage our deep domain expertise and our vast network of industrial corporates to add value to our portfolio companies. We are smart capital that understands the complex and opaque industries that we seek to disrupt and believe that sustained impact will come from connecting new ideas with changemakers, whether at incumbent multinationals or other startups and investors in the ecosystem.

inner circle

A private innovation and investment forum made up of 8 shipowners representing 1600+ vessels globally. Members of this forum gain access to thought leaders, new systems and solutions, as well as share in our deal flow.

amplifier alliance

Supported by domain and technology experts to advise on investment cases and idea validation.

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