Humanising Autonomy raises $5.3M Seed investment to expand pedestrian prediction software globally

//Humanising Autonomy raises $5.3M Seed investment to expand pedestrian prediction software globally

Humanising Autonomy raises $5.3M Seed investment to expand pedestrian prediction software globally

London, June 2019. Humanising Autonomy today announced it has raised Seed funding led by Anthemis Group, the leading global Fintech and Insurtech investor, with Japanese VC fund Global Brain Corporation, Germany-based Amplifier and Silicon Valley-based Synapse Partners.

Humanising Autonomy has raised $5.3M to deploy their pedestrian prediction software globally, at scale. The funds will be used to expand the reach of Humanising Autonomy’s AI-powered technology across various vehicle platforms and levels of automation, to make cities better for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. The London-based startup has already deployed their software in the US, Japan, Germany and the UK.

Humanising Autonomy has built AI-powered technology that is able to predict the full range of pedestrian and vulnerable road user behaviour in real time. The software utilises the power of ubiquitous visual camera data to accelerate adoption rate of autonomous technology, build public trust, and increase human safety in cities. Initially developed for autonomous vehicles, the software integrates with all levels of autonomy, including driver-assist features for human-driven vehicles on the road today.

Launched in 2017, the company is on a mission to set the global standard in human-machine interaction and was founded on the premise of enabling a safer, more human-centered implementation of autonomous technologies. “Our vision has always been to set the global standard for how autonomous systems interact with people,” said Maya Pindeus, CEO of Humanising Autonomy. She added “we now have the resources to rapidly scale our company and are excited to expand the reach of our technology across all levels of automation and increase our deployments around the world.”

Matthew Jones, Principal at Anthemis, said: “Understanding and predicting complex human behaviour remains one of the biggest mobility-related technology challenges. We’re very proud to support Maya, Leslie, Raunaq and the team as they tackle this problem head-on. We’re looking forward to seeing how the impact of this remarkable technology will enable further development of automated mobility systems in cities, as well as improving efficiency across automotive, logistics, manufacturing, aviation and smart infrastructure.”

The software is deployed in both human-driven and autonomous vehicles, to increase the safety of vulnerable road users, help with regulatory compliance, and reach Vision Zero goals. While the startup is currently focusing on Urban Mobility, it is planning to grow into adjacent markets and enable safer implementation of autonomous technologies across the world.

About Humanising Autonomy

Founded in 2017 by Raunaq Bose, Leslie Nooteboom and Maya Pindeus, Humanising Autonomy is setting the global standard for human-machine interactions. The company has developed an intent prediction platform that predicts the full range of pedestrian behaviour across different environments and cities. As a critical perception technology, the software integrates with driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicle stacks, and smart infrastructure systems for
real-time accident and near miss prevention, improving the safety and efficiency of Urban Mobility Systems across cities worldwide. The company consists of a half-female team of computer vision experts, deep learning engineers, behavioural scientists, and commercial talent, and is actively hiring for both commercial and tech roles to grow and accelerate towards their vision of better interactions between people and autonomous technology worldwide.

About Anthemis

Anthemis cultivates change in financial services by building, growing, and sustaining businesses committed to improving the world. Our deep understanding of markets and models, passion for emerging technology and spirit of collaboration inspire everything we do. By creating fertile ground for entrepreneurs, institutions, researchers, academics, and visionaries to come together, we believe we can solve the financial services world’s most pressing
challenges faster, better and for the benefit of all.

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